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Local Mod - Isle of Mull UK
Ṃd; a meeting, an assembly Ionadach; local, provincial An Drẹlluinn; an old name for the island of Mull
This is an extract from the minute of the meeting called to establish the Mull Ṃd:

At the request of the Committee of the Southern Region, the Secretary of An Comunn Gaidhealach called a Meeting in the Salen Hotel: at six o’ clock in the evening; Thursday the 16th of December, 1937. An Invitation was given to every branch in Mull to send two representatives and the following were present:
Neil Shaw, Executive Secretary, An Comunn Gaidhealach
J MacDougall, Archibald MacFarlane and Duncan MacNeill from Salen
Ewen MacInnes and Aulay MacInnes from Torloisk-Ulva
Neil Morrison and Alasdair M. MacLachlainn from Tobermory
Margaret MacDonald, An Comunn Music teacher

Among the decisions made at that meeting were:

(1) That an Annual Mod be established, supported by Branches in Mull & Iona; and, perhaps, Branches from Coll and Tiree
(2) That the first Mod be held in Tobermory on Thursday 23rd June, 1938 and that it would be open to Competitors from Coll & Tiree
C̣isir Ghàidhlig an Eilein Mhuilich
Photograph by kind permission of www.hannahmorrisphotography.co.uk
It was agreed that a Ṃd be held each year based on a circuit of the villages of Tobermory, Salen and Bunessan. The first Ṃd was held in Tobermory on the 14th June 1938 (we’re not sure why there was a change from the planned date) and over 100 entries were received for the Ṃd including choirs from Bunessan, Lochdon, Pennyghael, Salen, Tobermory and the island of Coll.

Eighty years on, Ṃd Ionadach na Drẹlluinn has evolved into a two-day event, welcoming competitors from all over Scotland and beyond. In 1997, due to clashes with other Ṃds in the area, the committee took the then controversial decision to change the date of the local Ṃd from June to September. This decision has proved to be very successful with the Ṃd now attracting competitors from all over the country. As the Royal National Ṃd takes place annually in October, it gives competitors a final chance to receive constructive criticism for their pieces. The date has been fixed as the second Saturday in September and has established itself as one of the best, and busiest, local Ṃds on the circuit.

In 2007, the Ṃd was held over two days for the first time, with Junior competitions taking place on Friday, and adults on Saturday. This has made it much easier for schools to take part, and we have seen a steady increase in junior competitors, with every school, big or small, sending representatives to the Ṃd to perform in choirs, as soloists, or doing an Action Song, which is a very popular competition.

For a number of years now, the venue for Ṃd Ionadach na Drẹlluinn has had to remain in Tobermory. As many travel from the mainland, Tobermory has good transport links and enough accommodation to cope with the numbers attending.

Many people ask what our Gaelic name means: ‘Ionadach’ is an alternative to ‘Ionadail’ and ‘An Drẹlluinn’ is an old name for the Isle of Mull (although in fact ‘drẹlluinn’ is the Irish Gaelic name for a wren!) We decided to stick with the name originally chosen in 1938, as it makes us different!

We are delighted that so many competitors and supporters continue to enjoy the challenges and atmosphere of our Ṃd, and hope this will remain the case for many years to come!!

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